Benefits of Cardio Exercise

When you realise just how much cardio exercise can do for you, you may want to do some right now. There are very few activities you can do for a short period of time that have this many benefits. Some of the known benefits are:

It helps you burn fat and calories for weight lossIt makes your heart strong so that it doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood. It increases your lung capacity. It helps reduce your risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. It makes you feel good, and can even provide temporary relief from depression and anxiety. It helps you sleep better. It helps reduce stress. It improves your sex lifeIt gives you more confidence in how you look and feel. Weight-bearing cardio exercise also helps increase your bone density and allows you to set a good example for your family.


The great thing about cardio is that you don't have to work out for an hour at a high-intensity to get the benefits. Even a little goes a long way. A 15-minute walk outside can boost your mood and help lower blood pressure.

Don't feel like you have to have a lot of time and energy for cardio. Doing a little each day is better than doing nothing at all. So why not visit us for some regular cardio training, and for those of you short of time, mix this with some Fitness Plate training? (Special offers for mother and daughter sessions and student workouts).

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