Are you looking to lose inches? Would you like to strengthen and improve your muscle tone?  We have some of the most powerful fitness plates in the industry.  Not only will it assist in weight loss and prevent/reduce cellulite,  but will also improve the skin/blood circulation, and overall flexibility.

Short of time?  Look no further as 10 minutes on one of these Fitness Plates is the equivalent of about 60 minutes conventional strenuous training. Due to the short training time, much less pressure is applied on the joints, ligaments and tendons. Performing static or dynamic movements, you can stand, sit, kneel, place your hands on it, or even lie down.  Come and try it out!  We offer the fitness plates on either a pay as you go or monthly basis.

Cardio training is a great way to lose weight and feel/look fantastic. So why not integrate your time cardio training, with a short spell on one of our state of the art Fitness Plates?

Don't wastes any time! Whether its just you or your daughter, whether you are experienced in the gym or a beginner, we are here to help you feel good and look great!

Why not check out our beauty treatments as well?

Ladies only fitness

Gym £4.50 per session (30 minute workout)

Gym £29.95 per month

£300.00 annual membership

Fitness Plates £2.00 per 10 minute session

Fitness Plates £15.00 per month

Fitness Plates £50.00 per 6 months

Fitness Plates £100.00 annual membership

Gym & Fitness Plates £6.50 per session

Gym & Fitness Plates £42.50 per month

Gym & Fitness Plates £425.00 annual membership

Mother & Daughter 30 minute workout ladies only fitness packages

Gym £45.00 per month, or add Fitness Plates only £62.50 per month

£450 annual membership


New student discount membership!

Gym £22.50 per month

Gym & Fitness Plates £37.50


Fitness Plates (18 years and over)

£15 per month (limited to a 10 minute session per day)

£2 per 10 minute session

Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm

Sat 9am to 4pm

Sun 10am to 12pm

01283 551976